Terms and Conditions

  1. Scope of application

1.1. Erratic Compass is an online service platform that provides a wide range of activities targeting the improvement of everyday life.

1.2. The internet platform is offered by the Erratic Compass PC, based in Athens, Greece, Leoforos Syggrou 190, 17671.

1.3. By using this website, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted these general terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy and the cookie policy.

1.4. Erratic Compass may, on occasions, amend these terms and conditions as well as the services provided.

  1. Subject and Services

2.1. In this website, Users can find a wide variety of organized activities (ranging from cooking or pottery classes to hiking and extreme sports) as well as information of the service providers of such activities.

2.2.In Erratic Compass’s platform, using the section “CALENDAR” Users can find scheduled activities as well as activities that have already taken place. Every post in this section provides general information concerning each activity, including but not limited to time and place scheduled, duration, accessibility, guidelines, cost estimation, and any other information relative to the service.

2.3. Information is based on data offered by service providers. Although Erratic Compass collects and post this data with care and diligence, and cooperates with well-organized, verified service providers, is not responsible for any error or inaccuracy of the information offered by service providers nor for the service itself.


  1. Content and conclusion of contract

3.1. After finding the activity or service that he/she is interested in, the User can send a request to Erratic Compass, to RSVP.

3.2. Participation requires that the User accepts these Terms and Conditions and refers only to the Users that are 18years old and older, without prejudice to par. 7.1.

3.3. Users can find any information related to the service providers in every stage of the process until -or even after- the service completion.

3.4. Erratic Compass is not a contracting party since it does not a provide any activity or service itself (see par. 8 – Liability).


  1. Additional Services

4.1. In case any User wishes to, he/she can subscribe to Erratic Compass newsletter, in order to be informed on time for upcoming activities.

4.2. Erratic Compass may at any time, include other additional services on its website.


  1. Pricing and Payment

5.1. Use of the website, as well as communication through Erratic Compass platform is for free.

5.2. Cost of any service that Erratic Compass promotes will be announced before the conclusion of contract, so that the User will be aware of his financial obligations towards service providers (contracting party).

5.3. Erratic Compass, on behalf of the contracting parties, can claim advance payment or/and credit card confirmation to complete the contract procedure.

5.4. Every payment will be deposited cash or electronically via credit card, debit card, or bank transfer to the service provider’s account.

5.5. Right after deposit confirmation, Erratic Compass will carry out payments to the contracting parties accordingly, if the User has not already selected to make directly payments. In this case, the deposit made towards Erratic Compass is considered to be a deposit towards the service provider and the User has no other obligation.

5.6.- Η Erratic Compass δεν αποτελεί συμβαλλόμενο μέρος για την εκτέλεση της υπηρεσίας ή δραστηριότητας. Ως εκ τούτου, η υποχρέωση έκδοσης των οικείων παραστατικών (αποδείξεων και τιμολογίων), σύμφωνα με την φορολογική νομοθεσία, βαρύνει τον εκάστοτε πάροχο της υπηρεσίας.


  1. Cancellation policy

6.1. For any service or activity promoted through this platform, Users have to be aware of the cancellation policy of the respective service provider.

6.2. In case the User wishes to cancel his/her participation after advance-payment, service providers may have the right to retain this amount if the cancellation request is announced to Erratic Compass at a period shorter than the time specified in the service provider’s terms and conditions.

6.3. If the User has any request as above (e.g. cancellation, change of date), he/she will inform the company via email. This email will be forwarded to other providers containing all the important data.


  1. Rights and Obligations

7.1. Erratic Compass solely addresses to Users that are 18 years old and over. In case there is a request concerning the participation of an underage person, this request can only be filed with parental responsibility.

7.2. The User bears the duty of sincerity as far as his/her personal information is concerned, so as Erratic Compass can provide the best services possible and ensure the User’s participation in the respective service or activity.


  1. Liability

8.1. Unless it is stated differently in any of the paragraphs, Erratic Compass is not a contracting party to the User, nor provides any other service rather than promoting the services through its platform.

8.2. Any claim the User has (damage or loss, moral damage, mental anguish), can only be risen towards the contracting parties.


  1. Data protection

9.1. Erratic Compass manages the internet platform according to and within the meaning of the Regulation no. 2016/679 (EU) of the European Parliament and Council (General Data Protection Regulation). This Regulation protects fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons and particularly their right to the protection of personal data.

9.2. To facilitate the Users’ participation in the services and/or activities provided, Erratic Compass, having the User’s consent, can proceed to the collection of any personal data required for the reservation as well as for the compliance of Erratic Compass to any legal obligations (including payment and/or tax obligations).

9.3. Based on the Regulation above (9.1.), Erratic Compass is now the data controller of User’s personal data. For this purpose, the Company updated its Privacy Policy, where it provides clear explanations about what data is collected, how is it used, what is the main data roadmap and how data is disclosed to service providers, in order to facilitate User’s access to the activities and services provided.


  1. Applicable law

10.1. These terms and conditions are subject to the Greek law, as the law of the state of the company’s head office.

10.2. Any disputes arising out of or in connection to this agreement shall be settled by the competent Courts of Athens, Greece.


  1. Final provisions

11.1 Partial invalidity: In case any term is found to be invalid or cancelled as a result of any causes, the remaining terms and conditions shall remain in force and unaffected.

11.2. User declares that he/she has read and understood all the terms and conditions above and accepts them without prejudice.