"We Do Not Laugh Because We Are Happy, We Are Happy Because We Laugh."

William James
What crossed your mind when you read this quote? I thought it was another quote that was meant to  inspire”  you to be happier, without showing you HOW.
You know, one more quote that someone would read and say,  Of course, that would be nice. I want to be happier too,” but after a minute he will continue with his life as if he never read it.
But then, I read it again. I realised that this quote reveals to us the how” as well. Do you see it too?
To the question, What can I do to be happier?” , The answer is Smile more”.
Maybe you already knew this, maybe not. Anyway, in this article I will let you know:
  1. four ways that helped me smile more,
  2. what changes I saw in my life
At the end of the article, smiling every day will be your new year’s resolution too. In addition, you will know some simple ways to make it happen!
The story behind my quest” for the daily smile began with the following thoughts.
“That seems simple enough. I should try to smile more. I have nothing to lose.” So, like any person looking for answers to difficult questions today, I asked myself the obvious question   How can I smile?”. Yes, obviously when I say I asked, I mean I googled it! 
Without further ado, these are the four ways  I tried and they really helped me smile more, along with some simple tips to try them out yourself, in case you choose to:

1. “Smile In Front Of The Mirror After Waking Up"

OK but how:

Go right now in front of a mirror, look at your reflection and smile. It’s a bit awkward, isn’t it? It’s not that easy to just smile. Make a funny face, or start singing a song you used to listen as a kid. Don’t be shy! Your goal is to make yourself laugh in front of the mirror! Come on! You don’t have to be serious now! It’s only you and yourself ! Try to smile every morning, so it will become your habit. What now looks unnatural slowly will become as natural as brushing your teeth (if you do not brush them, then start :))!

2. "Smile In Every Conversation"

Απλά χαμογέλα

OK but how:

This every”  is difficult. I will reveal to you the secret that has helped me a lot to smile in most of my conversations.
I have kept a note titled   Daily Goals” and there I have written my everyday goals. I want to keep this note with me so that I can see it as often as possible and remind myself of these goals.
There are many ways to note that down. See those I tried. I think some of them could work for you too:
  • with a mobile note application, so you can see the note whenever you reach your phone. The best known (and free) are:
    • Google Keep
    • Evernote
    • Microsoft OneNote
    • Zoho Notebook
    • Dropbox Paper
  • with a small notebook to fit in your pocket for the more traditional ones.
I ended up with Google Keep, because of its simplicity (like having post-it notes on your phone). I do not need anything more for my daily goals.
So, whenever I look at my cell phone, I cannot avoid” this note!

3. "Fake It Until You Make It".

OK but how:

In English, we say fake it till you make it”. In Greek, we also say that if Muhammad does not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Muhammad” (if Muhammad is the smile, and we the mountain). The  HOW is very simple.
At every opportunity! Just smile whenever you remember! It sounds funny, I know. Maybe it sounds so funny that just by thinking that you go to Muhammad” will make you smile! Do not analyse it anymore. Just use the muscles on your face and smile with yourself, with a friend of yours, with someone you don’t know, at every opportunity! You will see how soon this will happen automatically.

4. “Be More Spontaneous".

OK but how:

Allowing yourself to make your everyday life a little more interesting. Go out, find out what’s happening in your city, try what you always wanted to do, but something was getting in your way.
I know what you believe:
  • You do not have time,
  • You do not know where to look,
  • You do not know what to look for,
  • You do not have a companion to go together,
  • You have no interest in arranging it,
  • You have no money
We are very good at finding excuses. If any of the above stops you from adding some action to your routine, come with me and the rest of the Erratics to one of our next activities in or near Athens.
We believe it’s time to follow the intrinsic Erratic Compass” we all have instead of suppressing it. If you want to take advantage of your free time a little more, try a new activity now.
Be more spontaneous and stop finding excuses that stop you from getting more joy out of your everyday life. If you do not know the way let’s find it out together!

But Why Should You Smile For 365 Days?

"My Life Was Full Of Terrible Misfortunes, Most Of Which Never Happened."

Michel De Montana
I believed that this quote was a characteristic of myself. To overanalyse everything, to worry about future situations, and generally being unable to control any bad thoughts was a part of me.

And then came the smile and brought some changes with it:

  • Now when a negative thought comes, I just smile and this negative thought slowly disappears! Magic I Know!
  • I began to notice more of people who smile. And that made me smile even more!
  • There are days when I smile at anyone I meet, on the metro, on the street, on a queue, and I know that this smile, although it may seem strange, makes them smile a little bit too!
  • When I encounter a problem, instead of thinking how much it affects my life, I try to find a solution.
  • I’m looking forward to the next activity with this new group of like-minded people called Erratic Compass, which already in the first month:
    • has made me to enjoy nature through walking in Hymettus and Parnitha mountains,
    • gave me the opportunity to help and get to know some people who were stroke by the deadly floods in Mandra,
    • made me laugh and relax within a one and a half hour of yoga with old and new friends,
    • I camped for three days in the snowy, beautiful and wild Parnassus mountain, and
    • made my everyday life richer through the smiles and positive energy that we all need!

A Simple Smile Can Change Your Life.

I’m sure you’ve realised it at some point in your life.
A smile can change how you feel and how you face any situation.
Smile in your everyday life. You have nothing to lose. In the worst case, you will make a grin in the mirror, or spend an afternoon trying something different while making new friends.
Did you try some of the above recipes” or do you have any other suggestions? Communicate with us. We will be glad to find out what you believe!
Imagine smiling for 365 days …

Are you in Athens? Let your Erratic Compass guide you!

Join us and experience Athens in a truly unique way!

Erratic Compass